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Welcome to JAMM.

Our young company specializes in the search of new business relationships in Spain with other countries from around the world.

At JAMM we focus our efforts on finding ways to introduce new products into the Spanish market, mainly in the gardening, forestry and agricultural sectors. In order to accomplish this objective, we manage the search of new importers in the Spanish market.

To cope with the demand that our clients are currently requesting in Spain, we are working on the personalization of certain products that can adapt to the specific demands of the distributor, allowing us to obtain a differentiation of offered products against the competition.

Please feel free to contact us without any obligation whatsoever than to study and analyze possible ways to reach your objectives. Please let us test out your product in our market so you can know the feasibility and profitability of your product in our coutry.

Juan Antonio Martínez Mateos Managing Director & CEO

Email: jammateos @ gmail.com
(+34) 616 330 807
Juan Antonio Martínez Mateos
JAMM - Business Development and International Trade

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